Who We Are

In Esperanto, Venki means to overcome or to triumph. Esperanto is an international auxiliary language with the purpose of fostering world peace and international understanding.



It is with our collective efforts that we will be capable of buildlng a better tomorrow. We strive to grow with our community and work with integrity. We understand that together, we are the difference.



Our goal is to lead with innovative & responsible business to make a difference in our community. Our platform enables us to support local and international charities all the while offering prestigious garments.



We are guided by three fundamental values. Those being Altruism, Responsibility & Continuous Improvement


  • Altruism: Being selfless and lending a hand to those in need
  • Responsibility: Being aware & considerate of the impacts of all actions. To act in such a manner to maximize benefit for all
  • Audacity: To venture beyond established norms