Our Concept

It is imperative to be aware of social & global issues. Our concept is the foundation of our way of doing business in a way that enables ethical & eco-friendly growth.

Entirely Eco-Friendly

All our products are fabricated and embroidered in Canada with eco-friendly fabrics. We are a proud member of the Eco-Packaging Alliance and all our shipping supplies are recyclable or compostable. Our garments are made under strict conditions that minimize our ecological footprint all the while meeting the highest standards of quality. We offer clothing that you can be proud to wear.

Ethical In The Act

Being an ethical business is reflected in all our decisions. For us, actions speak louder than words. Every month, we donate 10% of our income to charities chosen by you. This donation is an inherent part of our online boutique, where at every purchase you participate in the process by selecting which foundation you wish to support. You can view our list of foundations that we currently donate to in the Foundations tab.