Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my pre-order?

You will receive an email as soon as we have shipped your order. You will receive your products the day of launch, or as early as possible. The launch date of our Crewnecks is on November 22nd 2020 and the launch of all our other products is on October 13th 2020.

Where are Venki garments manufactured?

All our products, from fabrication to embroidery, are made in Canada. We only use eco-friendly fabrics and supplies to minimize our ecological footprint.

How to properly care for Venki garments?

To clean your Venki garments, you must follow the steps found in the product's tag. It is important to not tumble dry any Venki product. By practicing adequate care, you can enjoy your garments for years to come.

What is covered by the warranty?

All Venki garments have a lifetime warranty. Although, it is important to be aware that damage due to accidents, normal wear and tear, the natural breakdown of colour, negligence or improper care is not covered.

How can I process a return?

  1. To forward your request to return or exchange an item, you can use the Contact Us tab, or you can send email directly to
  2. Once we have received your request, additional instructions will be sent to you.